Curtis Eidson

"Summer is hanging on"
For alot of our kids at EBC tomorrow begins a brand new school year while many others will begin the journey on Tuesday.
However, after looking at the extended weather forecast it seems as though summer is not ready to go away.
 I was looking this afternoon and the weekend temps are calling for close to 100!
Hello Lake Greenwood.
Well The Lord once more revealed His presence and His power within our worship service this morning.
I already know this evening is going to be great.
Rev. Chad Charles will be our guest speaker and he has a wonderful testimony about the healing power of God in a person's life.
Let me back up to Friday because I have a wonderful story to tell.
On Friday I stopped to see and old friend one that I've not seen in probably 30 years.
Greg Queen.
Greg and I grew up across the street from one another and we fought like bitter enemies at times but were the best of friends all the time.
Greg like so many others is battling with some personal demons that I pray he will find victory over very soon.
Man it was so good to see him.
We have known each other since I was 6 years old.
Sure time has changed both us a little but the friendship was still in tact.
As I sit here in the sound room in the sanctuary I can hear people as they start to drift in for church.
Most are here to be a part of our Sunday evening Sandwich ministry.
I really appreciate the kind story that Matt Bruce from the Index Journal had in the paper for us on Saturday.
I'm so proud to Pastor such a caring group of people who are not afraid to do big things for God even though we are consider a small church.
I really don't care what size your church is if you are lead to do something for The Lord you need to take the step because He will surely guide your way.
You know that rule applies to the individual also.
What is God leading you to do right now in your life?
Maybe He is leading you to start a new ministry in the life of the church, maybe He is leading you to join an established ministry to help strengthen it.
Well what are you waiting on?
If you are looking for a personal invitation then here it is.
On behalf of The Lord you are hereby invited to get busy serving Him for your good and His glory.
I'm praying that the momentum we have established this summer with our mission projects will continue to develop and get even bigger in the fall and winter months.
I also want to give a shout out to a new friend Bro. Steve Hanke.
Steve is a great guy and has a wonderful story of God's deliverance!
I was blessed to see Bro. Steve in church with me this morning.
I am so amazed when I hear people tell their stories of where they have been and what The Lord has brought them through.
Maybe you could share your story with me through email because I would certainly love to hear.
Send it to
Your story will remain in confidence unless you say that it will be ok to share portions of your story if it will help someone else.
You see all of us were once strangers making our way through this pilgrim land looking for someone to help show the way.
Thank You Lord for loving us so much that you sent someone to us to help us in the right direction.
Now Lord it's our desire to be the source that helps others find the way.
Let our light shine in this community that people will see and know that our God is REAL!!!
Well that's about all for this week and once again I want to thank you for stopping by to read what The Lord has placed on my heart.
Id love to hear from you.
Email me sometime and share your story.
Until next week
'living here but looking up'





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