Curtis Eidson

"Much is required"
Good Sunday afternoon everyone. I imagine the fact that I am writing this week's article so early is going to catch a few people by complete surprise.
Well hello!
It is Sunday afternoon and I hear a lot of noise or commotion throughout the church because we are getting ready a big "ice cream" social tonight after our 5th Sunday night singing.
Notice I said; "Singing" not "sinning."
Just have to be careful with spell check.
What a blessed surprise when I arrived at church this afternoon to see that our sandwich ministry team had already been here and was gone to make the deliveries.
God is doing so much through this ministry that truthfully my words cannot describe.
Oh my goodness what a service we enjoyed this morning.
We had a special guest come and bless us with song; Karen Lewis did a couple of songs for us and man the altar was already overflowing long before I ever started preaching.
That's the way it's supposed to be.
Praise be to God our Father.
He has blessed us beyond what any of us deserve and it's a joy to give back to Him the praise that is rightfully due.
I'd like all of you to join me as we welcome our newest member;
During the time between the close of the invitation and the start of baptism young Katelyn Jones came forward and gave her heart to JESUS!
Aren't you thankful The Lord is still in the soul saving business!!!!!
Well tomorrow they say is the official end of summer.
Labor Day!
All I can say is if I hear George say one time that he is smelling snow I believe I will have him put away or at least sent in for a psych eval!
Labor Day!
Interesting holiday from where I sit.
Isn't it the day where we celebrate the hard working American spirit?
What about the hard working Christian spirit?
Many churches just like ours is struggling to find the workers needed to perform the important task of getting things done.
Let me back up just a minute.
You can get most anything done if you are ready to pay.
Now I'm the first to admit that a laborer is worthy of his wages.
However, a church our size just cannot survive without the volunteers who get most of if not all of the work done.
I just believe that whom The Lord has blessed they should be the first to rise up and do whatever is within their means to accomplish.
You just can't out give or out work The Lord.
Thank God He is still working on me today.
I'm the first to admit that I have my rough edges and they need to be smoothed out but we will leave that work up to The Lord.
I never want to lose my spirit of being willing to do what I can around The Lord's House or for The Lord's people.
I was telling a guy just this past week how much I enjoy helping out people by cutting their grass especially in this heat if they are older and unable to get out.
He thought for sure I must have been crazy to do something like that.
Well I guess I am crazy; crazy for The Lord.
Much is required especially from those who have received much.
Lord set a fire within the hearts of those of us at EBC to do with a spirit of gladness the things that need to get done.

Well I'm going to close now because it's just about time for folks to start gathering in the sanctuary.
I would love to hear from you if you have any thoughts or comments about this article.
Please email me at
Until next week
"living here but looking up"





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