photo"It's Holy Week":
It's Monday afternoon, I sure do hope that everyone enjoyed a blessed weekend.
For all of us at EBC it was a very busy weekend
I want to say thanks to Amy and all the choir members for putting in all the time that was required to pull off the wonderful performance at Westside Baptist Church last evening.
Palm Sunday let's talk about that for a moment.
Now let's imagine that you are on you have gathered in the city of Jerusalem for the Passover Celebration.
The crowd is buzzing with excitement because something wonderful in taking place.
Jesus is riding into the city on a donkey.
None of what is happening is by accident; this is all by Divine Providence.
God has brought you to this place for this special moment.
I wonder where we might find you?
Would you be in the crowd shouting "Hosanna" or would you be on the sideline asking what all the commotion is about?
Such is the life for so many in the church today.
Some are content to stand along the sideline while the celebration passes them by.
So where are you?
I am excited about what I see The Lord doing in the life of the church and I don't want to see anyone simply standing around missing the blessings.
For example, yesterday we had Communion, a Baby Dedication, and a Baptism.
I just don't think you can get much better than that.

God is really alive and His Spirit is moving in a mighty way.
This past week was one that I would just as soon not have to deal with again.
I seemed to be at the hospital every day if not there then I was at the Doctor's Office it was just an overwhelming time.
However, in the midst of it all I was reminded that even though it appears like Friday in your life hang on because Sunday is coming.
Now you will have to think on that one for just a moment because this coming Friday marks one of the darkest days in the history of all mankind.
For it was on Friday of Passion Week that our Savior was Crucified.
The enemy thought for sure he had won a great victory but little did he know that Sunday was coming.
And so it is for all of us in the world today.
The tragic events that are taking place all around us it seems as though it's only growing darker and darker as each day passes.
Just hold on beloved because Sunday is coming.
I have to tell this story before I close.
On Thursday of last week I filled the baptistery in order to be ready for Sunday.
I always make a habit that as soon as the water reaches a certain point I always turn the heater on to get the water warmed up.
I'm ok up to this point.
On Sunday morning again as usual before I got into the water I always go behind the baptistery and turn the breaker off to the heater.
I realized something and it was a little too late.
I had failed completely to turn the heater on so when I stepped into the water I felt a rush of cold all the way through my waders.
I'm here to tell you folks it was bone chilling cold.
Then my brother Jimmy Robertson who was so excited about getting baptized stepped into the water with me and I honestly thought he would pass out from it being so cold.
We got through it and he still blames me.
Jimmy I promise I did not do that on purpose.
But God bless you brother for being brave enough to go through with the baptism.
From your actions that tells me that you would prefer to be a part of what The Lord is doing instead of standing on the sidelines.
Well that's just about going to wrap things up for me this week.
I look forward to seeing all of you once again in The Lord's House this coming Lord's Day.
I would love to hear from you sometime this week with any thoughts or comments you might have about this article.
Please email me at
Until next week
'living here but looking up'








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