photo"It's Resurrection Sunday":
Good evening everyone. Easter Sunday is starting to slowly but surely fade away as the sun begins to set in the West.
All of us at EBC have enjoyed a wonderful Lord's Day.
It all started this morning as the Men's Ministry had breakfast prepared for all of us to enjoy and Bro. George offered a wonderful word of encouragement with the morning devotion.
Then we were off to the sanctuary to worship together as a family of God.
The Choir was used mightily of The Lord to set the tone for everything that was about to take place.
Then our children's choir took the stage with the soloist; Joshua Pinson & Miracle Lawson.
You could tell immediately the kids had worked very hard on this program and they did not disappoint.
I could ramble on and on about all the little things The Lord did for us today but I'd like to jump straight into the heart of the matter because of the matter of the heart was addressed today in our services.
When the invitation was extended the altar once again was overflowing.
People were seeking comfort, some were seeking strength, no matter what the need was The Lord was there to meet with them.
Then a little guy Zach Hill came forward with his parents and his Mom told me that he had been talking about this important decision.
After talking for just a few moments with Zach it was clear for everyone to see that The Lord had been dealing with his heart for some time and today as the day for him to make his decision.
He did and The Lord was there to save him.
Praise The Lord.
Then we moved to the baptism where we witnessed 5 souls go through the waters of baptism in obedience to The Lord's commands.
I realize that in the day in which we are living hearing about 5 people being baptized doesn't sound like much since there are some churches that are baptizing hundreds at a time.
Church, whether it's 1 or 100 at a time all of God's people should be excited.
I baptized my cousin Lynda's son today; Hayden.
What a blessing for me to baptize my own family members.
Then a Mother came into the water with 3 of her children. Now how awesome is that?
That should cause all of us to be overwhelmed with joy.
Then after the service I watched as families were gathering up for pictures. The Lord did not disappoint with the weather I don't think we could have ordered anything any better than what He provided.
I understand that this week is "spring break" for most of our school kids around EBC.
A lot of families have gone out of town for a few days and others are headed to the lake.
Whatever you do and wherever you go make sure you invite The Lord to come along.
He loves to go places with His children.
As I write this article this evening I keep thinking that in just a few short weeks our first grand-child will be arriving.
I looked around today as the young parents were snapping pictures of their little one's and I couldn't help but think this time next year we should be taking pictures with Sawyer.
I guess what I saw today was LOVE.
That's what it's all about.
The Lord wants us to share His love and also experience His love in a very personal way.
Well this week pretty much gets us all back on schedule as we get ready to meet this coming Wednesday.
I am already looking forward to the summer activities around the church.
The one big summer activity I look forward to is our service in the Sun-shine.
I will write more about that in the coming weeks.
Well it's just about time for me to wrap things up so I will close for now.
I pray that all of you took time today to thank The Lord for the victory He won for all of us on Resurrection Sunday.
His Victory is our Victory.
God bless you.
I would love to hear from you if you have any comments or thoughts about the article.
Please email me at:
Until next week
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