Curtis Eidson

"What it must have felt like"
After our service yesterday I had to ask myself what it must have felt like the on the Day of Pentecost.
What was it like when the Disciples were gathered together in the upper room awaiting the promise of God?
Did they have any idea of what to expect?
Let me go back for just a minute and explain.
You see yesterday morning my Pastor Rev. Wade Burton came into the sanctuary and shared with me that he was under a deep sense of conviction and asked if he could share a word for maybe 5 minutes.
Without hesitation I agreed to his request.
Oh my goodness the heart-felt word that he shared with absolutely moving and inspiring all at the same time.
There was nothing I could say and certainly nothing I could add to what my Pastor had just said.
Thats when The Holy Spirit of The Living God arrived and completely flooded our sanctuary.
Folks I am not making this up I felt such an overwhelming presence of The Lord that I did not want to leave the service and there were others who felt the same way.
That's what coming to church is all about.
If and when you leave if you can say that you heard a good sermon that's great.
If and when you leave you can say that you enjoyed the music that's great.
However, if and when you leave you can SAY that you have met with The Lord that's even better.
So what was it like for the Disciples?
I just don't know. The anticipation must have been more than some could bear.
The longing for The Promise from God was building up a spirit of excitement within each of them that it was now controlling their very thoughts.
You know what?
The same promise The Father made to the Disciples is still in place for all of us today.
Yesterday's service was absolutely wonderful yet it should not be the exception to the rule it should be the norm.
That's what we should look for everytime the doors to The Lord's House swing open.
Coming in looking to meet The Lord through the power and the presence of The Holy Spirit.
Can I get am Amen!
Now let's all take a moment to welcome our newest member:
Karen Mooney came forward yesterday to present herself for membership in the church.
All of us gladly welcome her to the family.
Let me switch gears just for a moment.
Our Wednesday night Bible study groups are off and running and from all indications they are starting to really catch on.
I knew that if folks would simply give them a chance they would enjoy the material that was going to be presented.
We do need a little bit of help with the children's classes because they have so many and some of the teachers are becoming overwhelmed.
Now don't get me wrong that's a good problem but it is still a problem that we need to handle.
So what did it feel like for the Disciples?
 I keep asking you that question every so often to cause you to stop and think about it.
What if it were to happen today?
Would we be in a proper spiritual condition to be on the receiving end of such a blessing from heaven?
The Disciples were far from perfect but the secret was; they were right where they were supposed to be.
When God gets us right where we are supposed to be He can and He will open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings upon us in a measure that our hearts cannot contain.
That's the good part.
You see when God does something like that others who are gathered along with us are going to enjoy the overflow of what God is doing.
Thank you guys for your faithfulness in being involved in what God is doing in the life of EBC.
I stopped a long time ago saying the best days are ahead of us because I believe the best days are already here.
Let's soak up every moment The Lord gives us to be in His House serving and worshipping Him.
I would love to hear from you if you have any thoughts or comments about this week's article.
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Until next week
"living here but looking up"






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