Curtis Eidson

"Monday, Monday"
Good morning everyone and thank you so much for stopping by to read what is on your Pastor's heart this morning.
I woke up this morning with a sinus headache and I knew immediately it had to be raining.
Now listen, I'm not complaining because after the dry spell that we have come through this little bit of heavenly shower's is a blessing to everyone.
My grass has been shouting; "Victory in Jesus."
This morning I would like to extend my congratulations to; Jerry Arnold, Ken Mattison & Steve Busby.
These men were elected by the church to serve for the next 3 years in the office of Deacon.
Thanks goes out to Terry Boone & Gary "Bean" Faulkner as they rotate off as a Deacon.
These men have served faithfully in a tough job within the church.
I must admit that I really enjoyed the "Movie Night" that we had together as a church family last night.
We watched; "God's Not Dead!" What a powerful movie. If you have not seen it I highly recommend it.
Now I would like to give you a recap of yesterday's activities.
We had a tremendous crowd worshipping with us in the morning service with several first time guest.
The Holy Spirit did not disappoint as the altar once again was overflowing with hearts seeking His favor, some seeking His peace, all seeking His power.
I do not think anyone walked away disappointed.
Then we move to our afternoon activities.
The Sandwich ministry team fed over 150 people in Greenwood last night and we give God all the glory.
We had 4 adults go out on our first Sunday night outreach adventure and covered 2 streets across from the church.
There were several young folks who also tagged along.
I tell you all of this as a reminder that we are moving forward as a church under the direction of God's Divine plan for the life of our church.
We are looking for even more people to become involved in what's going on.
Our Wednesday night "Small Group" sessions will continue this week and I am personally excited about the one that I am teaching.
It's a men's Bible study concerning; "Friendship"
Lord knows we need all of those that we can get.
I want to wrap things up today by talking to you about something that I see and experience just about everyday.
It's the importance of the power of the "tongue."
The thing about the words we speak is this; you can't take back what you have spoken. Once you have said it that's it.
The words you speak are going to do one of 2 things; "Tear Down or Build Up."
There are some people and many of them attend church on a regular basis who love nothing more than to say things to other's that cut to the very heart.
What is there to gain by tearing some one down who is trying to do their very best?
Don't you think it would benefit us to try to use words that would encourage instead of discourage?
I have watched Mom's & Dad's standing along the fence at little league baseball games screaming at the top of their lungs at their child.
What in the world!
When I read the Scripture I see where our Lord is constantly giving instruction to HIs disciples that would encourage them to go and do the work that He had called them to perform.
When I hear people say to others; "Man you are worthless" I have to wonder by what authority can they say this?
You see in the eyes of God you are worth so much. You were worth the price and the blood of His Son.
I encourage you this week to take time to say something to someone that would make their spirit smile.
Tell them you realy appreciate all the work they do for you or around the church.
It's not going to kill you I promise.
I try to tell my staff at church how much I appreciate all they do for me to make me look so good.
I do every now and then have to tell them to pick up the pace but that's not very often.
You know there's even a right way to say those kind of things.
I am one of those people that if you choose to try to chew me out with your harsh language then I have immediately turned the conversation off in my mind.
In other words you are wasting your time!
Even in His times of anger with us God still speaks to us with a still small voice that certainly gets our attention and we need nothing else to be said.
Yet everything The Father says to us is covered from top to bottom in love.
Maybe that's the key; cover our langauge in love.
So before any of us complains about this being a rainy Monday stop for just a moment to offer unto The Lord a word of thanks for blessing the land with the much needed rain.
Well that's about all the time I have for today.
Thanks for stopping by for a word.
God bless you.
I love and appreciate every one of you and thank you for the privilege of being your Pastor.
Email me with any thoughts or comments you might have about this week's article.
Until next week
'living here but looking upo'





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